Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ward / Braun Families

Meet Sam and Rachel Ward. They are Canadian but living in Bermuda for a while and loving life. Are they not just the cutest happiest love bugs under the sun?

This is Rach with her very smiley sister, Carmen. Hello hottie potties!

And this is Carmen's fabulous husband, Jason.

And thank goodness, these two reproduced... twice!

Meet Emma and Simon.Could they be more adorable if they tried?

The Brauns were visiting Rach and Sam from Winnipeg so the Bermuda colours and feel of that soft sand must have seemed like heaven to all of them.

I received this letter from Jason and Carmen and although I don't usually include clients' notes in my blog, I was so touched considering they thanked me before they had even seen the photos, but also I was thrilled to hear that all the work that goes into my blog is not for nothing!

"Sacha, we can't thank you enough for the pictures you took of us while we visited Rachel and Sam in Bermuda. Your website is so lovely and we enjoy reading your blog regularly. Our children begin school tomorrow so we really loved the pictures you took of your son as he set off on his first day. Thank you again for making that photo shoot so easy and natural... we plan to surprise our parents with the pictures as a 40th wedding anniversary gift this Christmas. Wishing you much success... and enjoy your new home, Carmen and Jason. p.s. Simon and Emma still giggle that you know our word to make them smile is 'f...'. That always gets kids smiling, doesn't it??!!"

And you can guess who are the favourite uncle and auntie.

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  1. That is soo cute!!!!! Thoses kids are adorable!!! <3<3


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