Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wiebe Family at the Beach

You may remember the Wiebes from their shoot at their adorable cottage back in April. They knew then that they were almost certainly leaving the Island so they wanted to capture the home where they had lived together and first started a family. But the other memories they wanted to savour were the times they spent at the beach so just before they moved back to Canada, we met one last time, just so the family could have some fun and be able to leave with some memories of summers in Bermuda in 2d to hang on their walls when the weather gets cold.

Having grown up in a house up the hill from this beach, I had fun showing the boys where my sister and I used to play house, and explained to them the intricacy of each different room we had found in the rocks and the layout of the kitchen where we did our pretend cooking.

Jacob was a master at molding these tasty looking sand balls which he whipped up in the very kitchen my sister and I had baked many a sandy platter!

Love love love this one.

Grape Bay was the family's favourite Bermuda beach and the boys spent many hours searching for shells or exploring the rocks while Lazlo, their beautiful Rhodesian Ridge Back, hunted relentlessly for the ever elusive fish in the many rock pools that line the eastern end of the beach.

Splashing in the rock pools was another much loved pastime for the boys. I adore how the shutter captured the very moment of contact, and the perfect reflection in the puddle is still unbroken in both images - click to see large.

Being swung between by parents must be one of the all time best feelings you have when you are a kid. I don't remember the exact moment when I was too big for it, but I miss it still, so I know it was a sad day.

Chucking stones in rock pools is almost as satisfying as jumping in them, as you can see by Adam's expression, though clearly it takes more thought! I love the follow through in his arms - perhaps he will be a golfer or tennis player one day - or maybe the javelin.

I always think it is important to sneak in a few shots of mama and papa on their own too, because it was just the two of them before love bug one and love bug two came along, so a few romantic shots are always fun.

Another fave.

I do wonder if Lazlo ever caught anything, or if he just spent hours looking, yet never losing faith in the possibility.

And ice cream at the end for good measure to finish off the recipe for a perfect day.

Thank you Karen and Jeff for allowing me to follow your lives from your pregnancy with Adam and little Jacob toddling in the freesias, to the kids enjoying your darling seaside home and then their favourite beach - these types of shoots are what make lifestyle photography such a joy so thank you. Enjoy your new lives in Vancouver and hope you will be back again to make some more memories in Bermuda one day in the not too distant future.

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