Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kenny Post Family

Baby Lauren was only 5 months old for our shoot, but with all that hair, she might as well have been 5 years old! Since both my babies were born virtually bald, and only had a few wisps of white fuzz by 5 months, Lauren just seemed so mature to me, as if she had a wisdom of life beyond her years (or should I say months!). It also helped her look so incredibly feminine and dainty, like a perfectly sculpted doll (great genes from her gorgeous parents helped too of course) and she lit up with gleeful smiles at the slightest attention which was too cute and made my job so easy.

Christiane and Court were smiley snugglers too so that helped spin me into a tizz of excitement while shooting.

Those eyes are so mesmerising - I loved all her darling expressions that I had to control myself from posting about 20 photos from the same few moments.

Christiane had been worried that the shoot might be a bit late for Lauren but she was in great spirits until the end and never even started melting the way so many children do (as mine definitely would!), but she did let a wee yawn slip just as we were finishing up.

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