Monday, April 6, 2009

Wiebe Family

Meet the Wiebe Family. Pronounced Weeb (like dweeb as Karen says!). But their email says WeeBees - don't you just love sound of that? Like they should be the hosts of a children's programme. I went to their amazing home on the South Shore yesterday to shoot Karen and Jeff with their children, Jacob and Adam. They had so many fun spots around the property and neighbourhood for the kids to play, that they could easily run a children's show right there!

They had this abandonned boat in the bay grapes where the kids play, so we had some fun. The kids were pretending to go the moon and South America - quite the little explorers.

Can you believe this teepee - I am inspired to make one for my kids - such a fun and educational angle on a tent for them to hide in.

And here is Karen as the puppet queen - told you the Wiebes should run a childrens show.

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