Friday, April 10, 2009

And on that farm...

Farms are one of my kids' favourite places to visit. They adore to watch the animals and guess the names of all the lambs and calves. They love to search for lush long grass to feed the cows, especially when the cattle are standing ankle deep in mud with nothing to nibble on. We tend to ride our bikes there with the kids in the buggy so there is always plenty of room to bring apples for the horses, but sometimes we sneak a carrot from the neighbouring field if we have forgotten the treats from home. As a rule, I tend to leave my work at home, so that sadly means my camera, but on outings like this, these are memories I really long to keep so throw the camera in the buggy too. When I look at these types of photos of my family, it reminds me to encourage clients to think outside the box and try to not always go for a traditional setting, but somewhere that really says something about you and how you spend your time.

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