Saturday, April 25, 2009

Megan & Charles

Megan and Charles were my first wedding of the season and I was blessed with glorious weather, fantastic locations and of course, a lovely couple. Monique from Sweet Dreams Bermuda was the wedding day coordinator and she ensured everything ran like clockwork so that the newlyweds could simply enjoy their time together with family and friends.

The flowers were arranged by El Shaddai. When Megan said that she wanted cheerful and relatively simple, Sally and Shimika knew just what to do.

Megan's Matron of honour, Shannon, happened to be the reason Charles and Megan are together today, having introduced the couple at her own wedding to Charles' cousin Justin. Shannon and Justin named their little girl Megan so Megan and Charles says she has every intention of retaliating (I guess she was not impressed!) by naming their first born girl Shannon.

I loved that Megan also had bride's boys rather than bride's maids - very hip.

My favourite shot of the day.

Before visiting the Island after Charles moved here to be closer to the east coast, Megan had been to Bermuda once before with her family when she was about five. There is a photo of her nestled in a banyan tree and the couple wanted to recreate the image, but had trouble finding the right tree. They thought perhaps it was at the Botanical Gardens, but since the Annual Exhibition was going on the same day as the wedding, they decided it was a bit ambitious to fight the crowds. They thought that perhaps the tree could possibly be at the Crystal Caves so we tried there. Although we did not find the exact banyan, the backdrops were nonetheless stunning.

I loved the elegant combined into the Alice in Wonderland feel of the bride's dress. It suited her personality perfectly, right down to the fact that she had asked for a pocket to be sewn in! The dress was a joint effort by Megan's mother and Joanne, a friend of the family. Her mum cut the initial pattern based on a dress Megan had liked in a bridal store, then Joanne had sewn the dress together over Christmas along with some changes.

And here is what Megan had in that fabulous pocket - I thought this was hilarious - most brides just have a hand kerchief along with their bouquet, or perhaps a purse with their lipstick, but Megan needed to have everything on her person at all times!

Lorraine and Helen at Bersalon Elbow Beach did all the hair and makeup and were wonderful, including when Megan changed her mind at the last minute about how to wear her hair. I loved the natural tousled look, emphasized by the trip in the convertible, and the gerberas on the side added just the right splash of colour and asymmetry!

The cake was created by the Little Venice Group's pastry chef who was given a picture and he came up with this masterpiece. Megan doesn't usually like cake but thought it was quite the tasty treat.

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