Friday, April 3, 2009

Berelowitz Collection

The Berelowitz family came to Bermuda on holiday and wanted to have some memories of their time visiting one of Bermuda's beaches. Jenn and Lael took a while to select their faves for the Collection, and in turn, I fell behind too, but I am so thrilled with the way some of these came out.

Andrew and Aiden got along so well. Andrew was really nurturing towards his little brother. The way they interacted reminded me of when a baby lion cub crawls over the daddy lion biting the daddy's ears and the papa lion is amused and loving and tolerant and just turs over and licks the baby!

Aiden was hilarious. He loved the camera and was such a little performer.

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  1. HI Sacha - Amazing photos - great color/contrast!
    I'm searching for the Berelowitz Family - can you put us in touch?
    Judith Berlowitz
    Oakland, CA


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