Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunny Side Up

My sister, Amanda, who is also a photographer, told me about Kelly Moore who shoots in an inspiring and creative way. Kelly is having (or perhaps had) a competition for showcasing images shot in direct sunlight. She mentioned that she fled from it for years, while I was actually the opposite and have only just started to come into my own shooting on grey days or in the shade. But I thought I would post a few fun in the sun ones of my own. I tend to use straight on sun when trying to capture reflections, or when people are not looking at me, but I definitely try to get all angles of light so it was fun to dig out this angle from a couple different shoots.

Here are some backlit ones which obviously do not count as direct sunlight, though the sun was shining directly on my subjects, albeit from behind. I just like the shadows, the sunbursts or bright white outlines that the sun makes when behind too.

Since we don't have Target here anyway, and it is so late in the day to be entering, I am just posting for fun. Should Kelly like my pics, she can always give the gift certificate to someone who is in need on her side of the pond, or even better to charity! See the below post for a couple more graphic uses of the sun!

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