Monday, April 20, 2009

Composition Contest

I tend to find I am so busy with work and life that I never find the time to enter competitions as it requires a lot of time to sift through my work to find the best shot for the theme of a particular contest. I am a member of Pictage, an online professional photographers gallery and lab, and they are hosting a contest on Facebook so it made entering simple and easy. And as soon as they mentioned the main theme was composition, I knew I had the perfect shot so I did not need to do any searching. It is one of my favourite photos ever taken at a wedding. Click here to see more images from Colin and Heather's wedding last September.

So after entering, I watched for a few days to see all the other entries, and then thought some were so great that I had no chance and forgot about it until today. Just now, I popped back to the site only to see my image had been chosen as one of three picks. I am thrilled as I think the winning entry is the most amazing photo ever, and the second shot is pretty cool too. Check out the pictage blog for the feature.

So now I am inspired to enter more pieces into competition - to try to make the time as it is not only good for me to assess my own work, but it is also important to have others in the industry assess it too. Hopefully these experiences will help me grow as an artist.


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