Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ryall Graber

I was first contacted my Ryall to shoot her wedding this July. We hit it off on email immediately, and then by phone. She is outgoing, fun, and also unbelievably fit. And I don't meant going for a casual run every once in a while - I mean 5 hours a day in the gym fit! Ryall is a body builder - check out her great site. And as of this week, she is now officially a professional athlete, having just competed in the New York Pro Fitness Show - her pro debut at an IFBB competition. Ryall just returned to the island and wanted to get some shots of herself in such amazing shape. Unfortunately, the sun didn't co-operate so we cut the shoot short, vowing to get together again next week after her next show. But in the meantime, here are a couple shots of we captured in the flat light - can you can imagine what those abs would look like if the light was right? Watch this space because the next shoot is going to be very different, very fun, and very original - just like Ryall.

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