Monday, November 26, 2012

A Home for Shanti?

Shanti moved to her new home Friday night - a cat loving family with no kitties or other pets at the moment so she can be surrounded by human love without the fear of other animals! xxx


You may remember my post about adopting Shanti three months ago. She is so beautiful and so loving and the whole family has fallen madly in love with her. When I say the whole family, I mean the humans in our family. The other cats and our dog have a very different opinion of her. They are not fans at all because I think she must have been an only child in her last home, for she despises Cairo, Noodle, Bear and especially Po. She is a combination of terrified of them and hides a lot of the time, and in the moments when she is face to face with one of them, she hunts them and patzes them with an unclawed paw and makes a big noise, but the truth is, she is so very very afraid. It has been breaking my heart for three months now and I kept hoping things would get better, but for some reason, I think it is getting worse.

Here she is hiding back under the bed again today. She is so stressed by our other animals that the vet even recommended the kitty equivalent of valium and pheromone sprays to try to calm her. It did sort of work but when we stopped getting her stoned - and yes, she was literally stoned, bless her - she reverted back to being afraid again.

Ben has suggested I take her back to the SPCA for they will have better access to the right kind of adopter, but I thought I would do one last ditch attempt to avoid her having to go back to the shelter where there are even more animals to stress her out and would love her to make a smooth and gentle transition from our home where she is loved but not happy, to a home where she will be deeply loved, but not have to fear any other animals. Please, if you know of anyone who might be open to getting a gorgeous soft loving cat who just needs a little time to settle in, then that person or family will be so thankful they brought her into their home. Praying she can find a home that is right for her. Thank you for helping. xxxxx

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  1. It can be so hard when the animal doesn't fit in. We recently tried to rescue a husky but the "pack" of 3 we had had real trouble accepting her and she had trouble accepting that she wouldn't be "top dog". Luckily, we found an awesome person to become her new forever mum. Good luck with Shanti.


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