Monday, November 19, 2012

Jordan - senior session

Jordan and her family came to Bermuda on holiday and so they thought why not do Jordan's senior session photos while they were on island. We met at Stone Hole Bay and started out in the greenery with the plan of ending up on the beach for the second part of the shoot. It was gloriously sunny and I had checked the radar before I left for the shoot and not a raindrop in sight was forecast so I was excited. But as we were finishing up the garden part, it started to sprinkle and by the time we reached the car park on the way to the beach, it was a downpour. Since Jordan and her parents had come by bus from their hotel, we all clambered in my car and I rang my hubby to find out what on earth was going on. He insisted there was not even a dot of rain showing up on the radar and it was sure to end any moment. But while we were on the phone, the rain became so intense that it was utterly impossible that it was such a small and passing shower that it would not show up on the weather website's radar. I told him his radar must not be refreshing and he started insisting that perhaps we were imagining the rain. It was such a bizarre experience so I decided to race down to the beach on my own (without my gear of course!) to see how small (or big??!!) this squall cloud really was. When I arrived at the beach, the skies were black as far as the eye could see and I knew this rain had set in for good. When I got back to the car, I asked what they wanted to do. I had never shot in torrential rain before, but since they were not on the island for long, and we hadn't done any beach shots yet with the beautiful turquoise waters behind, I figured we could just wing it. And so we did!

I seriously can't believe how quickly the weather changed and how it was not showing up on any weather sites. The light was glowy and gorgeous and sunny blue skies one moment, and then black and thundering and lightening the next. That night, social media was ablaze with everyone's bafflement at the stealth storm that unexpectedly blew through.

Jordan loves shopping and showed off all her amazing rings she wears at once - so fun. She was born on the 4th of July which is so fabulous - imagine all those fireworks on your birthday every year! She adores animals, and especially dogs and cats, and also loves kids and babysitting so will be interesting what she decides to study when she gets to college and what she goes on to do as a career.

When Jordan and I decided to go for the shoot, despite the torrents of rain, I was a little afraid in my heart. I was so worried that I would ruin my equipment, or not get any good shots of Jordan in the low light and crazy rains. In one hand I held the huge umbrella that weighted on my shoulder, all the while I tried to manage all my camera settings and continued shooting in manual with just one hand. It was intense and definitely very hit or miss but I think the risk was worth it and just love what we came up with.

Obviously, if I had planned this shoot in the rain, I would have perhaps found a fabulous umbrella and prepared Jordan for what to do. But instead, we were both winging it. She couldn't hear me shouting what to do and I couldn't control things the way I normally like to so it was all a bit chaotic but I do adore how beauty has come out of that chaos all the same.

Thank you Jordan for being such a good sport. You took the lemons that day gave you and made lemonade and I am so thankful you were so easy going about the crazy weather we had. I think I was more stunned than you were that the day changed so quickly but I am so thankful we went with it and captured these fun images! Happy senior year xxx

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