Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brianna & Robert - The Reefs, Bermuda Wedding

Brianna and Bobby were married at Caso's Point at the Reefs, surrounded by the most beautiful views in the world with their nearest and dearest family and friends helping to celebrate the dream that was their wedding. The couple went to grammar school together from first through eighth grade. After graduation, they lost touch until the ended up running into each other in New York City ten years later, right after they had each graduated from university. They have been together ever since. Starting their lives together in such a perfect way, with a destination wedding in Bermuda could not have set them off to a better start.

Brianna's hair was styled by April and her make up by Janea. When I went into the room where the bride had dressed, I found a whole slew of jewelry options, and loads of earrings in particular, though I think Brianna made the perfect choice with these glam Erickson Beamon sparklers.

And hello fun Valentino shoes!

The bougainvillea off the terrace was in full bloom and was such a romantic backdrop as the Brianna's mum helped put on the very same veil she had worn when she was married so many years ago.

Brianna's dreamy Monique L'Huillier gown was so unusual compared to so many these days and I was utterly smitten.

Brianna has three gorgeous sisters, and I was in awe of them all together and the sweet love they shared.

These plump lush bouquets were designed by Gimi.

Brianna and Bobby decided to have an intimate first meeting before the ceremony so they could get some photos out of the way beforehand so that they could enjoy more of their reception with their guests. We decided upon the dreamy vine covered moon gate at Cambridge Beaches which the garden at Cambridge House backed out onto. I wanted Brianna to look perfect so fussed with her dress and veil while Bobby waited with his back turned. He said it felt like an eternity until I gave him the signal for him to turn to see his bride for the first time. When he did see Brianna for the first time, he was blown away with how incredible and elegant Brianna's dress was and how amazing she looked. He couldn't get over to her quickly enough to hold her in his arms and kiss her - so romantic.

Brianna's family and her father's childhood friend's family had grown up together and had been going on vacations together for years. They rented the charming Cambridge House in Somerset which was the perfect spot for the group of fourteen.

Because we were doing a few couple photos before hand, the couple were keen for me to capture the rings so they had a sweet little ring exchange right there on the terrace. Brianna's was an estate ring and Bob's was 14k white gold.

Brianna and Bobby had looked at several locations around Bermuda but ended up choosing the Reefs because they fell in love with Caso's Point for their ceremony and felt the size of the hotel made the wedding intimate with everything in one location and the views overlooking the stunning south shore.

Bobby and Brianna were on their way to visit one of her sisters, who was finishing up her last year at veterinary school outside Chicago. They went a day early and stayed in the city for the night. The morning before they went to see Brianna's sister, they took a walk to Olive Park. While sitting on a bench together overlooking Chicago's skyline, Bobby popped the question and presented his love with the gorgeous ring. Seconds after Brianna had said yes, the two burst out laughing because the size of the ring was so big that the wind was spinning it around on her finger. Luckily, they were able to find a jewelry store not too far from where they were that was able to adjust the size to fit Brianna's finger perfect.


Brianna and Bobby - I had such fun at your wedding - I loved the dress, the details and oh so especially the way you two love. I do hope you will be back again to celebrate anniversaries here in Bermuda and would love to capture more of your love in the future! Best of luck to you both xxxx

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