Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Newest Family Member

Yesterday I was doing some photo work on animal well fare around the island. I was a little traumatised so decided to just pop in for a love session with the cats at the SPCA to help me recover and by mistake brought home this beautiful baby. Isn't she just divine? Ben is the most amazing and tolerant hubby ever. He had been forbidding me to get another cat after Bindi died, yet when I told him about this little love bug whom I simply couldn't leave at the shelter another moment, he just laughed a deliciously deep and heart felt laugh. He knows me so well and although he doesn't admit it, he is secretly so thrilled himself! Still not totally decided on a name but right now she is Shanti. She she is five years old and the most soft and loving creature around. How could anyone ever have given her up???? The kids are deliriously tired today as she kept them up all night with her snuggling and purring. And we are all smitten.

I actually took these at the SPCA and emailed them to Ben to try to test the waters so I suppose once he saw her darling little lopsided face, how could he refuse? We are all in love and the family is just right again now with a mummy, daddy, boy, girl, dog and four cats! xxxx

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