Friday, November 2, 2012

Vanessa, Michael, Sophie, Maya & Soren

There is nothing better than a fun end of summer day with the kids in the garden, enjoying the outdoor breezes, playing on their favourite toys and swings and having a photographer capture a typical day at home. That is what I love - capturing families being themselves, laughing with each other and stealing a slice of their lives to save forever.

This is Sophie. She is at school with Indigo and since we live in the same neighbourhood, they get to see each other all the time.

Darling Maya has the smiliest eyes ever - little half moons that shine happiness and just loved shooting her.

Sweet little Soren (yes, Charlie and Lola fans - as in Soren Lorensen!) was not so sure of me with my big camera, but he warmed up to me in the end!

How lucky are these kids having such an amazing swing set in their garden - they had a ball seeing who could swing the highest.

This fur ball of love is Titus, who was just the distraction Soren was looking for. He kept chasing the around the garden who was clearly more interesting than I was. 

I noticed Sophie lying on this lounge chair while I was shooting Soren and I nearly fainted I was so excited by how beautiful she looked. I didn't have to pose her or say anything at all - she was just lying there looking utterly lovely.

Maya was keen to have a turn too and was a little grumpy at first, but that didn't last long with my hilarious antics.

Soren decided he had definitely had enough and didn't think me nearly as witty as his sisters did.

The new pool was completed this summer so has been a focal point of family life since then.

A highlight for the girls was being allowed to pick their favourite pink and yellow flowers and jumping in the pool fully clothed! They must love it when I come over!

Thank you all for such a wonderful shoot - I love to capture families at home having such fun and you guys were so open to all the possibilities. xxx

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