Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Angela, Kevin, and "Skippy" in the belly

Angela and Kevin met in 2007, were married two and a half years later, and found out they were expecting last Spring. Seeing their tiny baby with a heartbeat on the ultrasound at eight weeks was one of the happiest days of their lives. They decided to not find out if the baby was a boy or a grl so nick named the baby Skippy, which was supposed to be gender neutral name that they would never really use. They both want to be surprised on the day their child is born.

Angela can't wait to see Kevin with the baby. She has never seen him so happy as these past almost nine months, and she knows this time will soon pale in comparison to how he will be when he finally gets to hold he baby and become the father he has been dreaming of being.

Angela feels thankful that her pregnancy has gone so well, and while she cannot wait to meet their little one, she will definitely miss feeling that tiny life within squirm in her tummy. Skippy is incredibly active and sometimes Angela feels like there's a little alien in there about to pop out of her belly button!

I am sure nobody has noticed it, but Angela was so funny about it, I just had to repeat what she said about her belly button. She says her belly button is the biggest outtie belly button she has ever seen and that her nephew described it like a "pregnancy on a pregnancy" which is just such a darling image, I had to share!

Thanks for a great shoot - it is so amazing to see you two so happy and expecting a baby and can't wait to meet the little love! xxxx

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