Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Stockings and Seeds

I already fully in the spirit of Christmas this year. Since last year, when we had our first proper Christmas tree, I dedicate our living room to the season. In previous years, we did stockings in our red room, the den, but I have been dreaming (and pinteresting) about using recycled sweaters to make stockings. I knew I wanted to keep the room all in the same natural palette so I collected gems from the charity shops around the island over the course of the year as well as the fluffy top bits and asked my mum to make the stockings. Aren't they utterly divine. They make the room feel so cosy and wintery, even if it is still a bit warm outside!

I asked each of the children which one they wanted, expecting them to bicker and fight over the same one, but Indigo chose the one above and Oslo the one below. The only argument now is that Indigo's looks best in the middle which "isn't fair".

This one below used to be one of my favourite sweaters. It is completely threadbare so not sure how long it will even look good as a stocking since the back side is verging on see through already but this side is passable and it holds so much more meaning for me since it was mine that I wore all the time.

This sweater below was also mine and ended up in the wash and so became really tight the way wool does so it sort of bunches in the toe but is charming and again, personal since has a history with us.

Last year, I did Advent Calendars for the kids and Ben so had to do that again this year. I will take some pretty pics of the ones I did for the kids, but the one for Ben is above the fireplace this year. Last year, I bought him 25 different wines, but this year, since he has just ordered a mass of hydroponics gear, I bought him seeds. He is very excited and it looks so pretty in the garland so I am thrilled. And I used wee paper bags this year which was easy to hang too.

Can't wait to share the Christmas tree but first we need to decorate it. For now, enjoy the fireplace scene and stay tuned! Hope you are in the mood too! xxx

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