Friday, November 16, 2012

Anna & Kate

These two gorgeous girls are definitely best friends and lucky for them, they are also sisters. They are so blessed to have such an amazing relationship and each says the other is her BFF. It is so sweet and as you can imagine, their mama bear hopes it stays that way over the years. 

Anna is the little film producer in the family. She makes home movies non stop and edits them herself as well as adds music and text. It is absolutely hilarious to see her finished products and quite amazing a child so young can put it all together like that. She makes the rest of the family laugh out loud all the time and her parents just love this age where she is such a mini adult and always asking such thoughtful questions.

Kate is the fashionista of the two sisters. She adores trying on clothes which I can attest to, for she is in Indigo's class and the other day when she came over for a play date, the first thing they did was raid the wardrobe and get decked out to go out flower picking! Her mummy says that Kate is the sweetest, cuddliest girl and has the biggest heart and like her sister, loves to make everyone laugh.

I was swooning over the girls' outfits - they were just so fun and create such a great mood for the shots.

This darling tent is one of the girls' favourite things. This is a new one, but they have been sleeping in their other one since they were little as it is their weekend treat to put all their fave stuffies and blankets inside and spend the night together like they were camping. This was just added to the teepee repertoire so that they can each have their own for sleep overs - lucky girls!

I nearly keeled over from excitement over these divine white chocolate covered Oreos. And that cake stand is just the sort of thing I pine for - how delicious are all these colours together and the girls' anticipation over their treats is just palpable.

Ice cold milk and oreo cookie - they forever go together, it's a classic combination! Do you remember that advert from when you were little - I do and I can sing the whole thing word for word to this day. Love the retro feel of this little picnic.

The girls' mum had seen a pic on Pinterest of kids holding up chalk boards with messages and ordered some immediately - they really make the shoot and tell such a story of sister hood and children's games. Love.

These darling little outfits are actually pjs but were too fun not to use in the shoot.

How handy are these chalk boards - just set the mood, whatever the mood!


And that's all folks - Kate and Anna gobbled up every last crumb of their treats and milk - how lucky they are!

I'd missed these sweet little windows before in their tent - and how pretty the detailing of the fabric is in the shadow.

At the end of the shoot, just as we were packing away, some beautiful horses came through. What a way to end the day - lovely.

Anna and Kate - I loved our shoot - all your ideas (and your mum's ideas!) were so brilliant and really paint a picture of the fortunate and happy childhood you are living - such fun to see you grow and change over the years. xxxx

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  1. Absolutely georgous shoot! What a difference details make and it's so helpful when the client has ideas too...


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