Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out of beauty comes chaos... and out of chaos, Beauty

This New Year's Eve, we had a few of our dearest friends in the world over for an intimate dinner. There were just 9 of us and it was a magical evening. The house was like a shrine there were so many candles and the fragrance of scented candles and paperwhites wafted through the house and added to the giddiness from all the champagne.

The table was beautiful - elegant and festive and Ben made the most amazing fish pie and I made an apple crumble - it was the perfect meal as it was all done before hand so we were both able to really just enjoy the party rather than running around too much.

I reworked the gorgeous arrangements my sister had brought on Christmas Day, and then my friend and colleague, Nikki Begg, gave me the most delightful bouquet of white tulips and hyacinths. Petals does such an amazing job at all the weddings I shoot and I was so flattered that she honoured us with such a splendid arrangement for our table.

I found these pretty paper poppers at the eleventh hour. They were great as not too detrimental to the environment (given what the other options were) and added to the festivities.

After dinner, we went upstairs to ring in the new year. We woke the children who were dazed at first, but as soon as all the streamers were flung, they were so excited and chased the other kids around the house. Like Christmas, their excitement really brought up the energy of the event and made it all the more festive. We put Oslo and Indigo back to bed at about 1ish and then we went outside and lit a fire. One friend brought her guitar and we sang into the early hours. It really was one of the most beautiful, magical New Year's Eve's we have had, and full of beautiful friends and beautiful visuals. And the next morning, we awoke to the chaos of the day after. It was grey outside and the remnants of the good time were everywhere.

The grass had all burned from overflowing embers and the smell of smoke was strong as soon as we opened the door. It was a rather smokey fire as we were attempting to burn the casurinas that had fallen on the house in during Hurricane Igor so they were still pretty green and not ideal wood at all.

Walking into the living room was hilarious - the streamers were everywhere.

And amidst all this chaos, it was such a heart warming reminder of the wonderful way we had began the new year. So much so, I decided to leave it all as it was for a bit longer. And outside, the clouds lifted to reveal bright blue skies. It was the most magical day, and all the more appreciated given the weather we have been having. It was still, sunny and full of hope. I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring. I have so many hopes and dreams for the year. I long to spend more time with my family, grow as a photographer, do more yoga, grow as a person and most of all, share much love and joy with all those around me. Happy New Year. xxx

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