Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beesley Family

Jacques is away at school in Switzerland so while he was home for the holidays, Sharon was keen to get some mother son photos taken at their charming home in Somerset.

Jacques is currently in his last year of school and looking at universities for September - such an exciting time in his life - so much ahead of him.

How regal is this cat - divine!


I adored the Beesley's home, and especially the outdoor terrace. It is like a living room with no walls and they spend many an hour together or individually just enjoying the garden view and sounds of their rural setting.

Love Nepalese prayer flags - they bring such soul and meaning to a space, making it feel both homey and spiritual.

The property they live on is true old Bermuda - lush and old worldy.

 Sharon and Jacques - thank you for a lovely morning - I can't believe I stayed so long but really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you in your beautiful home. Good luck with school and look forward to hearing about where you decide to go. xx

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