Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vicky & Matt - Elbow Beach, Bermuda Wedding

Matt and Vicky grew up in the same town. They went to the same schools and even hung out a lot during their senior year of high school. But it wasn't until they went away to college, when they no longer lived anywhere near each other, that they started dating. And it wasn't until nine years later that Matt finally popped the question, and exactly ten years after they first fell in love, the two finally tied the knot in romantic island style with a beach wedding in Bermuda.

Vicky borrowed her sister, Martina's, lovely veil for her wedding day. She originally didn't want to wear one but was so glad she did for it truly transformed her into a very bridey bride and framed her dark hair beautifully. She wore her Irish Claddagh ring which Matt had given her a few months before they had started dating ten years earlier. So although it was not tremendously old, the tradition of the ring itself if incredibly old, and the symbolism behind the ring of "Let love and friendship reign" is age old and deeply meaningful.

The bride and her attendants prepared for the big day at the Fairmont Southampton Princess so we took some time before hand to capture the girls all together.

The bride and her maids all had their hair and make up done on the cruise ship on which the travelled to the island.

This image below was a mistake as I had not yet changed my settings from inside to outside lighting, but as I often do with my mistakes, I adore the ethereal quality of this image and its lack of detail in the dress and skin, while the flowers look so delicate too,

And here they are properly exposed. Julie of Just Roses designed the gorgeous bouquets.

I was quite smitten with all the elegant flip flops the girls wore, and even more so with all the perfect pedicures in so many different shades.

At the beach, Kay Annie of Kreative Koncepts tended to the final details for the groom and his ushers.

 Matt looked extremely dapper in his wedding suit and I just adore the rich colour of the calla boutonniere.

The ceremony site was straight out of a magazine's dream wedding. Kay Annie had planned everything from locations of the ceremony and reception sites to every vendor who helped to make the day so special. The tide was coming in and the wedding arch was so dreamy with the fabric swaying in the waves, but obviously the sand softened and the inevitable happened.

The arch collapsed just as the bride and her maids were coming down the hill to the beach. Luckily they could not see the disaster and so they were kept calm and distracted and uninformed - a very wise move on the wedding planner's part!

 Kay Annie was on the phone instantly on the phone and her men appeared with shovels in hand and resurrected the dreamy arch in no time.

And all was ready to begin and the bride avoided any stress thanks to Kay Annie being so collected in times when others (like myself for instance) might have panicked.

The breeze blew Vicky's veil which added to her pleasure at having worn it.

Vicky and Matt were delighted to be joined by 38 of their closest family and friends to not only celebrate their seaside nuptials, but also to have such a great group extend the celebrations on the ship to and from the island.

Matt proposed on the 4th of July, right before their family and friends all came over for their annual holiday picnic. Matt said he was going to the shops to pick up some odds and ends for the party but while he was out, he also went over to Vicky's parents' house and asked her father for his permission to marry Vicky - so romantic.

After the service, there were beach goers who slipped back into the sea so I was unable to shoot with the water in the background using the arch, but as always, when I am presented with things that are not how I'd planned, I am always glad the situation pushed me to try something different. So I shot the canopy from a different angle and actually the light is much better and I was able to have fun with a sun flare which I always love, even if it does blind me every time!

How amazing is Vicky's dress when she runs?

And this view??? I love the two rocks - like Vicky and Matt will be to each other throughout their marriage.

This is one of my favourite images - I just love that all the key details are included to make it such an iconic wedding image, but most of all, I love their lips in the moment they are about to kiss - swoon.

 The cocktail reception was on the Marina Terrace at the Elbow Beach Hotel.

I had requested we do some shots outside of the cake, just because I adore natural light, but the dinner reception was inside at The Deep. Cafe Lido designed the beach themed wedding cake.

The Deep was the perfect location for an intimate and private dining location with the dance floor in the same space.

Vicky and Matt had a tough time picking a first dance song. There were a few songs that they love, but they were all a bit fast for their first dance, so they searched for slower renditions of those songs. They ended up choosing "the way you look tonight: by Joey MacIntyre, since they were pressed for time before leaving on the ship to come to Bermuda. They can't wait to dance their second first dance at their at home reception and they will hopefully choose another song to add to the memories.

The sunset that evening was utterly spectacular. I was so grateful I convince the two to take a couple more shots with the dramatic sky, even though they were totally cooked on the picture front. Hopefully they were worth it!

Vicky and Matt - congratulations on you wedding and thank you for putting up with me - I know how shy you both felt in front of the camera so hopefully these images will simply bring back all the wonderful memories of your special day and non of the dislike of my cameras! You are a beautiful couple and had a wonderful wedding so I could not be happier - I know you will be for the rest of your lives too - happy future making! xxx


  1. HI Sacha, this is Matt's mom Kathy. Just wanted to tell you the pictures are beautiful. It brought back all the wonderful memories of Bermuda. Thank you so much

  2. Sacha, I am not sure how I got to see these pic's but they are beautiful!! I worked in Bermuda for the last 8 months and have some fond memories of the places these were shot. I have returned home to the snow and cold so just love looking at the beauty Bermuda offers!

  3. I just thought I'd say - this wedding is absolutely gorgeous! Great job to all involved and congrats to the happy couple.

    I *love* the shot of the bride and her bridesmaids in the lift... and the purple calla lily - wow - what a flower!

    Congrats again

  4. Thanks so much Sacha! We love these and the collections album you created for us! Couldn't be happpier! Vicky and Matt

  5. Congratulations Vicky & Matt. It was our pleasure being apart of your day. Sacha as always, I LOVE the photos!

  6. Hi Sacha- This is Sheena - I was assisting Kay with this wedding. Vicky & Matt's day was truly beautiful..... You did a great job capturing the memorable moments.


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