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Sharon & Alex - Tucker's Point - Bermuda Wedding

Sharon and Alex were blessed with the perfect wedding day. The sun was shining, the sunset was colourful and dreamy, their friends from both the US and Ireland traveled a long distance to share in the celebrations, and the reception was such a blast that most of their guests ended up in the pool at the end of the night, including the groom and all the ladies in their beautiful dresses. But the cherry on top that made the day complete was the fact that their sweet son, Ryan, was with them too. It was so important to the young parents that their son be a part of the ceremony as he really symbolises what love is all about. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful family and they were all so very happy and thankful that their dreams were coming true.

The poor bride was left to wait in the parking lot for 25 minutes as they had forgotten the wedding candles for the service. Luckily, she slipped into the airconditioned taxi and was entertained by Ryan to distract her from the delay.

Initially, Sharon and Alex had thought they would tie the knot in Ireland, where Sharon is originally from. But the challenge of organising the event from Bermuda proved too daunting, not to mention they had friends and family in Bermuda and the United States too. So they couple decided staying on Island for their nuptials would be the most fun for their overseas guests, not to mention it was where they had first fallen in love and it was the perfect middle point in the Atlantic. They chose to marry in St Anthony's in Warwick because it is close to their home and a cosy church. Sharon also particularly loved that the aisle was not too long and daunting! As a photographer, I love this church too - they recently painted it blue and it really shows off the detailing which has remained white, and I love how dramatic it looks against a clear blue sky - just stunning.

I recently watched a cheesy chick flick called 27 dresses, but one thing in the movie that I adored was that the favourite part of a wedding for the two lead characters was how the groom looked as he watched his bride walk down the aisle towards him. As all the guests turn to see the bride in her dress, they watched the groom, and I have to say, I love that bit too which I guess is obvious given the way I shoot a wedding - I often try to shoot the groom's face seeing his bride walk towards him - just heaven. And by the look on Alex's face in this photo, the extra 25 minute wait was well worth it as he watched beautiful Sharon cross the aisle towards him to become his wife.

I also love the tradition of the Unity candle, where the mothers of the bride and groom light one candle each, and then the bride and groom take the candle from their respective sides of their family and together ligt one candle, signifying the joining of not only themselves, but indeed of their two families.

I think this image below is one of my faves ever of a flower girl - she is just so serene and intense, and the bride and groom are there in the background.

St Anthony's is one of those churches which has a special room for children - it is great - children can be children (i.e. loud!) and the ceremony can continue still, with the children able to view through the glass if they wish. Ryan looked so dapper in his sweet little wedding outfit - to die for - a mini Alex. Ryan had walked up the aisle with his uncle on his mummy's side and he just loved all the attention. All eyes were on him and the flashes of the paparazzi just dazzled when that little boy arrived!

Ryan really is just the most delicious little cherub ever - and his two little teeth coming in at the bottom were to die for. I could eat him up!

The couple fell in love with the outdoor beach club location at Tucker's Point. The newlyweds adore living in Bermuda and the ocean that surrounds the island. They could not have been more lucky with the weather on the day of their wedding and I was in heaven with the photographs.

The light when we went onto the beach was in its last moments before it slipped behind the trees so we were lucky with both the silky golden hues of that later afternoon light. I love this next series of images - it was so spontaneous and I just watched through my lens as Alex's romantic gestures unfolded before me.

Alex proposed to Sharon in one of the most romantic places in the world. They were on holiday in Venice and while out strolling by the canal one early morning in May, 2009, he asked his beloved to be his wife. He offered her a tiny ring with their sweet son's birthstone which is a sapphire, for he didn't trust himself to pick a real engagement ring all by himself. This was more meaningful than any official ring could ever be as it included their son in the act and Sharon was delighted. They later found the ideal engagement ring in a little antique shop in Dublin. It is an old French ring from the 1900s. It is the perfect ring, for Sharon loves everything that has that old world feel. Alex often laughs at her obsession, for he had never even heard of the expression, "olde worlde" before he met her.

The elegant orchid bouquets and boutonnieres were arranged by Liz at Flowers by Gimi

Sharon's dress was created by Claire Pettibone, a Californian designer who uses vintage fabrics to capture that 'olde worlde' romantic feeling that she adores. Her hair piece and earrings were in keeping with the same timeless, feminine feeling and made by Thomas Knoell in New York.

Sharon's dress was new, her ring was old, her Godmother gave her a tiny blue medal to keep her safe always and which was pinned to the inside of her dress, and she borrowed a safety pin to secure the medal in place. Her hair and make up were done by April Lindell, who knew exactly what Sharon wanted on the day and was so relaxed that she made it easy for the bride and all her attendants to simply enjoy the exciting process of getting ready.

The bride's wedding ring was given to her by her mother many years ago when they went on a shopping spree in New York together. Sharon thought it would be the perfect wedding band as not only it is utterly beautiful and delicate, but also held tremendous sentimental value.

These beautiful drinks were offered to guests as they arrived at the reception and were in keeping with the Bermuda theme of the wedding. They are the signature drink at Tucker's Point and are called "Hibiscus Bliss". They are made using one hibiscus flower, which thrives on the island, a dash of wild hibiscus syrup and floated in dry sparkling wine - yum.

The table decorations were so elegant and unusual that I had to ask who had done the flowers during the reception. Flowers by Gimi are relatively new and do such beautiful work which are stunning on the day and a joy to photograph.

The couple's wedding song was "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", by Andy Williams. The two loved that it was romantic, fun and that the tempo was upbeat and in keeping with their adrenalin on the day! Sharon tells me that Alex is a great dancer, but that she is not a natural so she was very nervous as they had only rehearsed once. But on the day, they were so happy and relaxed that it all just came together and it was beautiful to watch the two together.

Serge at Tucker's Point was given full artistic license for the cake, although they couple did say it would be fun to have a beach theme and perhaps some seashells. Sharon wasn't expecting it to be yellow, but the unexpected colour made them smile and it was such a fun cake and delicious so a perfect cake.

Sharon and Alex - thank you so much for sharing your exquisite wedding with me - it was so beautiful to shoot and the two of you are hardly hard on the lens either. But more than that, you are such a loving couple and that is what makes my job such a joy. So congratulations of tying the knot and may your family grow and thrive. Wishing you much love and happiness. xxx

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