Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big Enchilada - Workshop Sneak Peeks

Yesterday was my fifth workshop I have held in one year. I can't believe what a hit they have been, both in terms of teaching people how to properly learn how to use the manual settings of their cameras, but also the fabulous shoots. It is such a great opportunity for me to get really creative on the theme of the shoots and hopefully this will encourage my clients that they do not have to always wear traditional clothing or shoot in typical locations. Although we did all three hour long practice shoots in my house and garden, the images are varied and fun, mainly due to the time I took with the models before hand to talk about what sort of imagery we would like to make. I tried to ask them about what they liked and who they were and these images are the result. There are just 2 shots from each session here as there was not much time at the end of the day yesterday in the post processing side of things as the light just got better and better so we all opted to shoot a little longer and edit a little less. But here are some sneak peeks and I will blog in great detail soon, but still have a massive backlog of regular clients I am working on too. Please be patient and enjoy these snippets for now. We did so many variations in each shoot that it was so hard to choose only a couple from each to work on and I really can't wait to share to share the rest so watch this space.

Thank you to everyone who made the day such a success. We were seriously blessed when it came to the light - a sweet sunny day in a sea of wintery weather for which we are very very thankful. My assistant, Lana, and my nanny, Christine, were incredible at pulling it all together and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. As you can see, we had three magnificent models who were all so different in ages, and personalities so gave the attendees the full gamut of experience on how to work with subjects. And the attendees were just amazing - so enthusiastic, inspired and just a great group so thanks to all of you for joining me in the fun. And of course, I must thank my sweet beloved Ben who was, and is always, Super Hubby/Dad. He not only helped me lug half the antiques in our home out into the garden, but he also disappeared with the children from early in the morning right up until their bedtime so that I could run the workshop undisrupted. He is my absolute fave in the whole world, and the kids too - so thank you to the three of you. I love you oodles! xxx

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  1. Fantastic shots. And a fantastic workshop. Thanks again for a great day.


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