Monday, January 24, 2011

Teital Family

I shoot the Teitals every year and it is such fun to see the kids grow, and indeed this year, to have sweet baby Amelia in the shots this year making the family complete! We did the shoot at the Botanical Gardens since in previous years we have done it at their home or the home of the children's grandparents. We shot in the middle of the day so it made moving around a bit challenging but when we found the right light, it was great!


Amelia was just at the right age for the shoot - pushing up and looking around and not too tiny. And Heydon is such a great big brother and cannot get enough of her - it was so cute.


Heydon and my son Oslo are almost the same age and Alison and I were pregnant at the same time which was fun. The two boys have been in play groups together and I have really loved watching Heydon change.

I still think of Sebastian as the age that Amelia is now - so odd! But he is a little personality - loves his sports and definitely not the camera - but I snuck in a few shots of him!

Robert was great at getting the kids interested in wherever I would say was good light! Of course the pond is pretty amazing, and those water hyacinths in bloom are to die for.

Since I did baby shots of Alison with both her boys, she was keen to get lots of shots with her giving Amelia lots of loving too.

Thank you Teitals for allowing me to capture the family now that you are complete. It was a great shoot and can't wait to see you when you are back in Bermuda next! xxx

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