Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Favourite wedding images from 2010

I thought I would do a little retrospective of last year - it is always a good exercise to look at one's best images from different shoots as a body of work and it is interesting to see if and how one is growing and changing as an artist. I have had my challenges with digital - I feel I spend my life trying to get my images to look like film and not matter how I try, the photos never seem as soft as they did when I shot with film. But I have learned so much from shooting digitally, and what I do love about this modern format is that from the same original image, I can give so many different emotions, just from the different ways I process. I do find I tend to fall into the same preferred styles, but that in itself is important in defining myself as a photographer. So here are some of my favourite wedding images from last year, though having said that, I shot 40 and this only features 20 as some I have nto even gone through yet, and others I want to include but these were picked out earlier in the year for something else so just wanted to get some up - will maybe do another faves post once I complete all the processing from all the events.

A few of these weddings have not even been shared on the blog yet, so stay tuned for more great images and love stories from a few of these couples.

To all my amazing brides and grooms over the last year - thank you for sharing so much love and beauty with me. Thank you for allowing me to capture your incredible weddings, and indeed, thank you thank you for giving me so many reasons to fall more in love with my job. Happy loving and here's to a great 2011. xxx


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  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos!


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