Friday, May 22, 2009

Amy and Chris Lawson's wedding

Since much of my business is destination weddings, I rarely meet a couple before hand, and when the event is planned by someone as meticulous as Kay Annie of Kreative Koncepts, I often don't even speak to the bride or groom before meeting them in their underwear on the big day! So it is so great when I am lucky enough to shoot for a couple as lovely as Amy and Chris, for it makes my job so fun and fulfilling.

Ceremony music was performed by Steve Crawford who played the classical guitar.

The entire event took place at Elbow Beach and the ceremony was officiated by the ever smiley Rev. Gardner who delivered an intimate sermon which was both cheerful and thoughtful.

Bermuda is in the middle of a serious drought (no rain since March) and I am in a tricky position between hoping for perfect weather for shoots, and longing for some rain to fill our empty tanks (we catch water on our roofs)! I am praying for the ultimate combination of rainy nights and sunny afternoons, or at least sunny Saturdays. Despite only 3 inches remaining in my water tank, I am still grateful for the blue skies that Amy and Chris were blessed with on their wedding day, even if my garden is brown, and we are not doing laundry or dishes for the foreseeable future.

As we headed down to the beach, Amy spoke one of my favourite sentences a bride can utter. "I'm only going to wear the dress once!" She said it was more important to get some great shots than to keep the dress immaculate. I decided to take full advantage and sent the pair straight into the surf in the hopes the waves would hold off long enough for me to get a reflection shot. I try to time the waves with my theory of the 7 small to 3 big ratio, but I got so carried away with the magic through my lens, that I forgot to keep track of when the next series of large waves were coming in. The newlyweds were soaked from the knees down, but they were good sports and just had fun in the water. And we got our shot, plus the mad splash moment too, so I was happy. Hopefully they will be as well, and it will have been worth suffering the salty splash.

Flowers by Petals.

How elegant and epic is this doorway in the hotel lobby. And Chris's face watching Amy as she comes out just melts my heart.

I love it when I am around for speeches as I get to hear a bit about the couples I shoot. These two had a tender story and it made me feel that much closer to them - I am so lucky to be such a big part of their big day, and watching their first moments together as a married couple is very rewarding. All sorts of things were revealed during the speeches, from what went on before they knew each other, how they met, and then how Amy had a thing about the way one set of numbers sat together on a certain date so didn't want it, and they couldn't have the following weekend as the hotel was booked, so they ended up with the 16th May, which happened to be Chris' brother's anniversary. "They'll just have to share!" Amy said in an adorable way as she charmingly shrugged her shoulders during her speech - it was such a beautiful night, I cannot imagine her new brother and sister in law had any complaints about celebrating their own special day in Bermuda surrounded by those they love.

To see a slide show from this wedding, click here. The song, What a Feeling, is from the lovely Heather Nova's album, Siren.

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