Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ana & Tristan's Maternity Session

I met Ana a few years ago when she modeled for a bridal spread that I photographed. Even though I did not get to shoot her real wedding, I did shoot her in her own dress for the magazine, and so I like to think that it is only natural that I capture the next stage in her life, her pregnancy. When she rang about the maternity session, she was not sure of what type of images she wanted so she said she would leave it up to me. I was thrilled to be given full artistic control, and decided that if I could swing it, we absolutely had to shoot in one of my favourite locations on earth. I went about securing permission to spend some time in this magical spot and am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I think it was so worth hauling all the gear and props as the images of Ana and Tristan are nothing short of stunning. Helps of course that they are so very beautiful and also madly in love. Thank you both for allowing me to capture my vision through the lens, and for being so wonderful at following my upside down instructions! You are gorgeous and your love and beauty radiated my camera.

Be still my beating heart - how tender are they together? Lucky babaloo to have such happy parents.

Their baby girl is breech so Ana is having a C-section on Monday, and although the baby is the wrong way round (or I suppose the right way up really as her head is happily nestled in Ana's ribs, and therefore, she is in fact upright!), this mispositioning makes for a beautiful bump! Perfectly round and such a pretty belly to shoot.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love the angel wings too!.... almost makes me want to get pregnant again.... NO.


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