Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paige & Brian's Wedding

Paige and Brian were up for anything on their wedding day - they were beautiful, overflowingly happy, and full of surprises. They became engaged in Bermuda last July. Brian had swept Paige off her feet by stealing her away for a weekend here on the Island where he proposed with a ring he had designed himself. Of course the answer was yes, so when the pair returned to New York and started planning their big day, Bermuda was the natural location to tie the knot.

Paige and Brian wanted to have an intimate first meeting before their wedding ceremony, allowing them to actually speak to each other about how they felt during this intense time, plus they looked their absolute freshest straight out of the air conditioning! I love these tender times alone together. Since they were having a destination wedding for 64 guests, most of whom were flying to the Island from the New York area, they wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible enjoying the reception. By planning the group and couple shots before the service, they could head straight to the party and not miss a single moment of fun!

And when I say that these two were full of surprises, I am not kidding. When Paige lifted her dress, a splash of colour exploded into my vision. They adored my reaction so much, they decided to perform the grand finale with the unveiling of Brian's socks - also hot pink!

In the months leading up to the wedding, Paige sent me an extremely long and prescriptive shot list. I had to explain that I prefer to photograph what I see and to capture as many real moments as possible. I find it difficult to work from lists as I need to focus through the lens and keep my creativity flowing. I was a little worried what her reaction would be. The relationship between the couple and the photographer is so important and, most of all, I wanted her to be happy. But when I walked into Paige's room at the Hamilton Princess, I was greeted by a radiant bride. Paige was surrounded by family and friends, the champagne was flowing, and as she took my hand, she squeezed it, and said these vital words, "I trust you". I later confided that she was nothing like what I had expected and that all her organising had almost frightened me. She just let out her flutterly laugh and said, "What do you expect - I'm a New York bride!"

Flowers by Just Roses, hair and make up by Inverurie Salon at the Hamilton Princess and Paige's dress was designed by Anne Barge.

Paige kept borrowing Brian's iphone to check her makeup. The back was so reflective that it was almost as good as a mirror - I love toys that have many different uses - for him and for her, all in one!

The service was held on the Marina Terrace at Elbow Beach. Rev Judith Gardner officiated.

Sorry for the shoe overload, but as you can tell, I was utterly mad about them!

We decided to sneak down to the beach for a little fun post ceremony, just so the newlyweds could feel the sand between their toes and spend their first moments as husband and wife on their own.

The Danny Garcia Band played for the cocktail reception. DJ Scott Simmons took over during dinner.

They chose navy and pink as their wedding colours, giving a classic but funky feel to their island wedding. Kay Annie of Kreative Koncepts did the decor in the gazebo and the wedding day coordination - as always, she was a dream to work with.

To see more images from this wedding, click here. The song, I Wanna Be Your Light, is by Heather Nova.


  1. Great Job Sacha! Can't wait for our wedding in July!

  2. As always a wonderful collection of photographs of the happy bride and groom. Paige looked radiant and Brian, very, very happy! Also loved how you captured the flowers!
    Just Roses


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