Saturday, May 16, 2009

Larry Trott

Dr. Larry Trott is many things, and has many qualifications, but above all, he is a healer - his hands, and his energy are powerful tools that he uses both to keep his own body and spirit in a healthy state, but he also helps others with their health and spirituality. I photographed him for his Frankly Speaking interview in RG Magazine so he took me to Somerset Long Bay Nature Reserve, where he often goes to practice his qigong, and enjoy some time away from it all.

Larry, and his wife, Dr. Karen Simons, run The Center for Integrated Healing Arts, a practice for those seeking health, healing and balance in their lives. Their holistic healing approach offers energy based modalities, classes and travel to sacred sites. He also has a dvd of his qigong practice, Peaceful Wind, and you can become a fan on his facebook page.

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