Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bermuda Wedding - The Reefs: Amanda & Scott's Wedding

Amanda is one of those people whose laughter is infectious. She is genuine and thoughtful, yet still tons of fun and I was almost envious of her friends for being her friends. I sort of wished I had known her forever and was a guest at her wedding. Scott wore less of his heart on his sleeve at first, though it didn't take long to see how these two are perfect for each other. His quirky humour and quiet charm were obviously what swept Amanda off her feet and I could easily see how she said yes yes yes when he asked for her hand after only 4 months together. Amanda and Scott were so warm and welcoming on their wedding day that even though I was officially there to take the photos, I felt as if I had indeed received my formal best-friends-forever invitation since they made me feel like I was just that - an old friend.

The splendidly architectural dress was found in Amanda's hometown in Tennessee with her mother. It was one of those corset ones where they weave the silken strands in and out of the countless loops. It felt very ritualistic from an era long gone. Amanda was a trooper holding on for dear life as her mum and grandmother wrapped her up tight like a precious gift.

Flowers by Petals. Hair and makeup by the Fairmont Southampton Spa. Wedding planning was impecably orchestrated by the ever fabulous Barb Jones, who is the wedding coordinator at The Reefs.

The ceremony was held on Caso's Point. I always wonder how people must feel coming onto this cliff terrace for the first time. It is surrounded on three sides by waves crashing onto the dramatic volcanic rocks below. Straight out is the view of the the open ocean, and directly behind is the beautiful beach. With the sun setting in the west, they must feel like they have arrived at a tiny piece of heaven. Even though I have been there hundreds of times, I still feel that. Bermuda was the ideal destination because they have just moved from New York to London, so the Island is perfectly located in the middle of the Atlantic. They decided upon the Reefs when they saw a pic I had taken of another bride at Caso's Point in the Reefs Wedding Planner guide and that sealed the deal for the pair.

I fell in love with the way Amanda's dress caught the wind when she ran. I asked the poor bride to run up and down all over the beach and although the day was hot, she kept on running, all the while laughing her lovely laugh. She was so open to my whims and Scott happily stood with his arms open, welcoming her into his embrace every time!

Scott said that when Amanda did this feminine gesture with her dress, that it was his favourite moment of the day - clearly a romantic!

More running...

...and more embracing.

Amanda and Scott went for a twist on the Bermuda theme of having a cake for both the bride and the groom.

One of my favourite shots from the day - sheer romance and tenderness wrapped up in a dreamy setting on the beach with a blast of salt spray for good luck! Not that Amanda and Scott will need it but it made for a fabulous photo. To see more photos of this wonderful wedding, click here to see a slideshow set to Done Drifting by Heather Nova.

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