Wednesday, May 20, 2009

McConachie Boys

Lorraine has been trying to book a family session with me for months, but moving house, sickness and all sorts of other spanners were thrown into the works to prevent it from happening every time. But Lorraine grew desperate to fill a bare wall in the new pad so asked for a mini session of just her boys with the sole objective of getting two shots to blow up HUGE.

When I arrived, Fraser had his nose in a book, and little Max was flaked out asleep on the sofa, with his locks falling over the edge of the cushion. While Max slowly woke up, Lorraine suggested I start with Fraser. But pulling this little book worm away from his latest story was quite the challenge, and when I saw the level of book he was reading, I was almost intimidated - this boy is a genius. At only six years old, he is onto the fifth Harry Potter, and devours everything he can get his hands on. I went off with him alone first, but as you can see from his mood above, he was longing to be lost in the world of make believe once more rather than making small talk with the lady with the camera.

Having just woken up, four year old Max was a bit slow to warm up to me too. Luckily, Lorraine is quite the story teller and she made my job easy as pie. She wove the most amazing tale to entertain the kids and I just snapped away at their reactions. Fraser was enamored and soon, even sleepy Max was fully absorbed into the story and his big eyes grew wider and more animated. I was in heaven capturing these two gorgeous boys in their element.

And here are the type of shots I think Lorraine will blow up for her wall - simple, clean and hopefully, a true capture of the boys.

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