Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby Calypso

I think I am having heart palpitations this baby is so delicious! Her name is Calypso and that name in itself conjures up so much romance and wily watery imagery of islands and oceans and music. Her mama bear, Rinear, is smitten with mermaids and has been since she went off to the states for school but missed and longed for her island home and the salty sea. She started collecting mermaid paraphernalia and there is now a room full of all the trinkets and goodies at her parents home. So what better idea, that to include that love of mermaids in the shoot with Baby Calypso. I was in love with this sweet knit mermaid tail. And the fish bowl and beautiful water backdrop to boot and I was in heaven with my camera.

Originally, Rinear and her hubby Ben wanted a family name, but as they were going through their family trees, they realised that there were mainly very old fashioned names like Bertha and Ethel which really were not their style. They wanted an island, ocean name that reflected the both of them. When Rinear was in highschool, it was decided that if she could be renamed, she would be called Calypso. So when the new parents were going through names, they always circled back to that name. And in the end, that was the one they settled on, with "Rinear" as her middle name to keep the family tradition going.

I have known Rinear all of her life and was sadly not able to capture her wedding since there was a mix up with dates - I thought it was on 10th February (10.2 UK version) and she meant October 2nd (10.2 US style). So when I heard she'd had a baby and wanted me to capture these first days of Calypso's life, I was thrilled.

In the amazing mermaid room, I was shown this darling antique perambulator. Not only is it genuine, but it actually belonged to Calypso's great great great grandmother Rinear, on her mother's side. Mama bear Rinear remembers playing with the pram when she was a child visiting her grandparents in West Virginia. When they moved down to the islands from the States, Rinear's parents had the heirloom piece shipped to Bermuda. I don't think I was very good at containing my excitement - I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the piece in the first place, and then all that history on top just made my heart do cartwheels. And of course this dreaming baby who allowed us to place her anywhere just made this the most incredible shoot.

How delicious is her squished little mouth - divine.

Rinear - Calypso is beautiful and clearly you are both taking to mama and baby hood like ducks to water the way you are both so calm and content. The shoot was a dream - can't wait to see her over the years grow up. Love to you all, xxxx

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