Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amber, Robin, Sienna & Jade

This was the first ever family photograph for this gorgeous family and so when deciding on a location, Amber wanted the focus to be purely on them having fun and doing what they love - spending time together. For the background, they were keen to have lush greenery so Spital Pond was an ideal choice with its open spaces.

These two are little dolls and the best of friends that will antagonise each other like crazy one moment, but kiss and make up and be playing beautifully again the next.

At five, Sienna will come across and shy or skeptical, but she's a real spitfire underneath and full of personality. She genuine smile is magical, but her mummy tells me is hidden all too often as she is a serious soul.

Three year old Jade is a little gem who worships her older sister. She captured my heart with her dimples (I am a little obsessed with dimples) and her infectious laughter. Ther eis nothing more that she loves in this world than her big sister and in Jade's eyes, Sienna can do no wrong.

This pup was walking past us at the start of the shoot and was quite take with the girls - sadly, the feeling was not mutual!!

I actually wanted to cancel the shoot as there was a huge black cloud over hanging the shore line and not moving. But the family were all ready so decided to go for it anyway and I was amazed the light worked out, despite the angry sky - you can't tell in the photos at all and these four were so full of love, who cares about the weather anyway!

I was torn between these two versions so decided to include the bw and the colour.

Thanks so much to the four of you for such a lovely shoot - the girls are just gorgeous and you are so lucky to have such a loving and happy family. xxxx

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