Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Rains, Big Puddles, Big Fun!

Fran Lebowitz once said "Do not, on a rainy day, ask your child what he feels like doing, because I assure you that what he feels like doing, you won't feel like watching." Well, I hadn't heard her advice the other day when the rains came down. Oslo was on a play date and Indigo was disappointed nothing was planned with any of her friends. So I did the unthinkable - I told her we could do whatever she wanted. It was a torrential downpour at the time of my statement and we were in the car driving home. The car splashed through some road flooding on Par-La-Ville where a drain was over flowing and spouting out water like an erupting volcano. As the wave of water we created sprayed 7 feet up into the air, Indigo burst out that she wanted to go puddle jumping. 

We ran into the house to get her umbrella and wellies and I put on my raincoat. When we went back outside, the rains had subsided from torrential to light and we skipped down the lane. Indigo was so excited, she couldn't contain herself. And as I watched her dance, and listened to her squeals of pleasure, I could barely contain myself either. This is what childhood is all about, I thought. And this is what being a mummy is about too - I was having as much fun watch her glee as she was experiencing the rain. I was desperate to run back to get my camera but the rains were far too heavy still and she was having so much fun, I couldn't drag her back any more than I could leave her there playing. But at the same time, I was glad I didn't have my camera. It allowed me to jump in the puddles with her and have fun with her in a way I wouldn't have if I had been taking photos and protecting my gear. We frolicked and splashed for about an hour before we headed home for some dinner. When the sun came out again later that evening, we decided to go back out again to see if the puddles were still there, and this time, I did take my camera.

She ran all they way down the hill and I could barely keep up with her, and when she saw the puddle was still there, albeit a lot smaller and less deep than before, she was thrilled and ran straight to it.

She was not as enamoured this time with only jumping and splashing. This time, a proper lie down in the water seemed fitting. At first I was thinking, no, she can't do this - we are in a road - but then I thought, she is a child and only a child once. And how cool are the reflections so why not, right?

I even had a little fun splashing her myself, though I was barefoot so couldn't get a proper sweep for fear of scraping half the flesh off my toes!

I loved the moment when saw her own refection too...

The only draw back of doing this much playing in puddles is that her wellies filled up to the brim and weighed a tonne...

And after a little more splashing, they filled again!

She finally figured out a way to get rid of all that water without having to take her boots off, though it did challenge her sense of balance.

Finally, it was getting late and I knew Oslo would be dropped home soon so we needed to head back. Now that it wasn't raining, it was fun for her to enjoy the walk up the hill and stopp and smell the hibiscuses (doesn't have quite the same ring to it as roses, does it?).

Indigo, you told me this was the best day ever and that you would never forget it. Now that we have these photos, I know you really never will. And nor will I. Thank you for asking to do something so fun - it was really fantastic and this is what life is all about - having fun! xxxx

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