Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School

Anyone who follows this blog knows I force my poor daughter, Indigo, into all sorts of concept shoots in an effort to let off some creative energy and show clients how fun a theme can be. The results are always so wonderful, but the poor love never enjoys the experience as much as she'd thought she would as I suppose I am not as fun with my own child as I am with clients' kids. So I have had a few ideas for shoots for my son, Oslo, too, but just have been trying to find the time. So when I told him about my desire to do a back to school shoot, he was unexpectedly gung ho and so one very grey afternoon, we decided to go for it, despite the lack of sun and eventual rain! Although the light was far from perfect - in fact it was pretty dire - I actually think it lent to the shoot a moodiness that would otherwise have been missing. We scrambled around gathering things that looked olden days schoolish and threw together a fun outfit that was in keeping with our vision. Oslo was totally into it and he surprised me but being fully cooperative during the shoot, despite being tired and hungry.  At one point, it started to pour and we had to drag everything inside and when we picked up where we left off, Indigo joined in the shoot for some captures of her on her own and with her big brother - so cute. So please forgive the gratuitous amount of pics of my kids, but editing down takes time so it was quicker to just share them all!

I bought this little antique desk years ago and have been dying to use it in a shoot since then but this was its first grand appearance. The little blackboard is our shopping list in the kitchen which I just tied in a tree and a few old books and suitcases completed the set.

When it started to rain, we came inside and Oslo was a trooper and let me get some close ups which are long over due. How cute is Ben's bow tie - it is real and I have never tied one before (embarrassingly used to the hooky kind) so a bit of a tragic attempt, but I actually think the messy bow tie is totally in keeping with the disheveled school boy look I was going for. Although this is really short hair for Oslo, it is still sort of long and shaggy compared to the average kid and just love the look.

This face below just makes me melt. It is his "oops" face that he always makes when he knows he did something wrong but he knows it is not serious. I could stare at this little face all day. I know there are so many faces, but they all represent so many emotions in each expression that every one reminds me of a thousand experiences when he had that look and let's be fair, that is what photography is all about.

Oslo had actually taken his outfit off after the rain so Indigo decided she wanted a turn while he was getting dressed all over again. Since we hadn't planned on her being in the shoot, I hadn't made an effort with her hair or clothing so she is actually just wearing her regular school uniform and hair in a way that didn't rock my world. But I am so glad we did some pics of her on her own and of the two of them together as I just love all of them.

Back to all the different expressions making up the person, these three faces are so so Indigo - I can literally hear the sorts of things she would be saying when she uses each persona.

When Oslo returned, I made a much better attempt at his bow tie but sadly forgot to button his waistcoat so he looks a little sloppy still, but again, it is kind of fun for the theme.

This series is the most delicious ever. Oslo made me promise I wouldn't put them on the blog so I need to break it to him tomorrow that I simply couldn't help myself but when you see them you will understand. I asked the two to kiss and these pics is the back and forth. Indigo was happy for a smooch - she always is - but Oslo is not a fan at the best of times, even from me or Ben, so with Indigo he was highly against the whole idea. I can't remember what I bribed him with - probably the fact that I would not put them on the blog for his friends to see - but surely his friends will see what a cool big brother and the best son ever to have done this for his sister and mama bear!

The old hide-behind-the-book trick...

The old pretend-my-nose-is-broke trick...

The old fake-out-and-kiss-on-the-cheek trick...

The old I'll-try... no-I-just-can't-do-it-ick number...

Thank you my sweet loves - you two were such fun on this shoot. I loved all your ideas, expressions and openness to my bossiness. I will cherish these images with all the memories that are in them for me. I love you both more than I can say and am so thankful I am a photographer so I can capture all your gorgeous stages and all your divine ways throughout your lovely lives. Thank you for being mine. xxxx


  1. Sacha you are an amazing photographer. I'm so jealous of your talent. These pictures are brilliant.

  2. These are great! I see so much of you in these two. You are very lucky and talented!!!!! Cap

  3. What fun! What a handsome devil Oslo is with those impish eyes...He gonna break some hearts for sure. Keep him away from Roxy!

  4. A very nice action shoot with the props and two beautiful kids.


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