Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jason, Kate, Jack, Charlie, and their pup, Zara

This gorgeously playful family decided that although they spend most of their time at the beach, they have loads of photos with the ocean backdrop and were looking for something lush and green for their session. They have recently spent some fun times at the Arboretum doing dog training for their divine pup, Zara, taking walks together and the boys swinging like Tarzan in the rubber tree vines so it was the perfect location for an afternoon of fun. 

First stop was the mini bamboo forest. I love these trees. Not only are they the miracle plant with the hardness of the wood and their speed of growth, but they are also beautiful and alive with all the whispers and moans they make in the breeze - magical.

These two boys were full of energy and mischief so although I knew their parents would want at least one family shot and one good one of each of them on their own, and of the two of them together, we tried to mix in lots of fun for them too, from silly faces to exploring and doing what they do best, and that is be kids!

Jason was a life saver for he was absolutely hilarious as he stood behind me performing to get the boys to "pose" for a photo together. He put on this whacky voice and bossed them around in a really funny way and made my job so much easier than it would have been - thank you Jason!!!

Six year old Jack loves the big brother role and both bosses around his little brother, and also encourages him. Hello eyelashes!

This wide eyed sweet heart is Charlie. He is only four and as such, knows that life is about having fun and not always following directions which makes him ever more adorable! His cheeky smile and delectable dimples are just so scrumptious, I could have eaten him!

Had to include this little face below with his tongue touching his nose - so so darling!

Clever Kate chose her location well, for she knows they have many years ahead where they boys will sit and smile calmly at the camera, but capturing their boyhood raw mischief and honest interactions is priceless.

The family knew bringing Zara on the shoot would be an added complication to the shoot, but they were keen to have the option of including their beloved pet in the photos since she has added a new dimension to the family and encourages them all to spend even more time together enjoying the simple things in life.

The boys are always running around at home in their "underwears", being super heros, pirates, or naked in wellies, so they were only too happy to take off their clothes at the end of the shoot and play as only children do. The freedom in their faces was delightful and they were feeling like at last the shoot was getting really good!

But then poor Charlie fell and scraped himself and howled with tears. But that is part of life and childhood too so I had to capture that real life moment as well - so heart breaking.

Nothing like a little distraction though and Zara was perfect for the job.

Bringing out bubbles is always a winner too - I am so smitten with these images below - just sum up kidhood so well!

Even were able to cheer up sweet little Charlie.

Thanks so much to the five of you for a wonderful shoot full of laughter, tears and real life moments. You are a beautiful family and I am so happy we were able to capture so many different aspects of the lives you all share. xxxx

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  1. Thanks Sacha! We had so much fun!


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