Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amy, Brian, Madison, Haley and Brianna

This happy family were only in Bermuda for three short years, but in that time, they made some dear friends, became heavily involved in the girls' school and all their extra curricular activities, and made the most out of Bermuda's heavenly beaches, taking many walks, having picnics and surfing in the waves. So when a wonderful group of friends gave them a gift certificate as their leaving present, a beach setting made sense for a location of the photo session to capture all those fantastic memories in one go.

Madison is 10 and hopes and dreams of becoming a ballerina. She has danced since she was 4 and for the past two summers, she has danced with the American Ballet Theatre.

At 7, Haley also loves dance, but what she adores most of all is being the family's official fashionista! They can always count on her to look her best. And although she is always impeccably put together, this little lady was lucky enough to be the brain box of the family.

This is Brianna. She is 6 and I have a soft spot for her since she was in my daughter, Indigo's class at school. And when her mama bear told me that older sister Haley is the clever one, I was a bit fearful of how brainy all three girls must be for I have volunteered in the class enough to know that Brianna is one smart cookie herself! But at heart, Brianna is a gymnast. You can always count on seeing her upside down and in weird and awkward poses. Now that they have moved back to the States, she is on a great Gymnastics team where she lives and is making herself known! I had no doubt.

The three girls are full of energy and keep their parents on their toes. They are the best of friends and so very lucky to have each other.

Amy says she tries her best to let the girls be individuals and express what they want and love in life. If she could give them anything, it would be "Wings" to fly!!

The day of our shoot was not the best of weather and it was howling a gale. But we decided to have fun with it and fun we had indeed - these three were a hoot with their hair flying everywhere!

And Mama Bear Amy was on hand to make sure the giggles kept coming, performing behind my camera and making my job so easy.

So of course Amy and Brian had to jump in for a little hair craziness... well, maybe not Brian - the wind did nothing for his do.

But when we put Brian in the middle of all his girls, we quite liked his new look!

Brian and Amy have been together for 19 years and married for 12. That is almost 20 years of love and blessings - you two are the best!

Thanks so much to the five of you. I am so happy you made the most out of living on our beautiful island and know this experience is something you will all cherish forever - so happy these photos will now help keep those memories ever present in your thoughts. Love to you all in your new lives and don't forget to visit! xxx

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