Friday, November 4, 2011

Heather Nova on Tour

I have been meaning to do a post on Heather Nova's new album, 300 Days at Sea, ever since it was released in the spring. But I never seemed to be able to find the time to write all I wanted to say about the album, and indeed her music. She is honestly one of my favourite musicians. Of course there are songs out there that rip my heart out and are a fave of all time not written by her, but Heather's music consistently touches me and makes me feel awake, alive and all prickly inside and out. She has eight studio albums, and they are all very different but consistently good - Just love her! And although I also happen to love her as a person, I actually loved Heather's music first, long before I'd even met her. I will never forget being in my teens and with my best friend's family on their boat. We stopped off on an island where their friends lived and as we sat around on the deck, I heard this glorious singing voice rise up over the chatter. I didn't even know the people who lived there but I stopped the conversation to ask who on earth was playing on the radio. "That's my daughter" the woman said. I was reeling. I think it was her first album, Glow Stars, that was playing and in that moment of first hearing her, I was hooked. I didn't actually get to know Heather for another decade and a half, and she'd made many more albums since my first exposure and all of them I had not only purchased myself, but I was such a die hard fan (creepy, right?) that I bought her cds as gifts for friends. I have actually since found her music to be much more complex - I don't always love a new album on the first listen. But the more I would play it, the more the poetic lyrics and haunting melodies would wrap themselves around me and tie me into knots. And now that I am so much more than an over keen fan, but also a photographer who has been honoured enough to shoot her last couple album covers and promo shots, and most importantly, a dear friend, I feel ever more tied to her music. Yet now, I am even more in awe that this person, whom I know and love so well, can disappear for a few months and produce such heart breaking songs, that are wise and raw and make my life a little richer. So thank you Heather for your beautiful music, for your trust in my ability as a photographer, and most importantly, for your much cherished friendship.

Not sure if you ever saw my post on her previous album, The Jasmine Flower, but shared a few photos from that shoot too. There were loads more but did a smaller post then as I had just started my blog and was feeling my way. This shoot we did in two sessions - a summer one at the beach and my home studio, and the second last winter out in Somerset. I adore so many of the shots so had to share them all! Of course, the fact that Heather is such a pro made my work so much easier - she is a dream to photograph.

I seriously developed a crush on Heather as I was processing these images - her look is like her music - complex in the many emotions expressed at one time - haunting, wise, intelligent, wry, and of course, obviously, so very very beautiful.

So thank you Heather for your trust, your friendship and from all of us who have loved listening, your music. Much love and appreciation and happy trails on this latest tour!!! xxx


  1. Fantastic photos! Your love for Heather shines through in every picture :)

  2. Love your photos! Very inspiring!

  3. Love the shot of Heather, almost peeking from behind her hands. That said, all of them are beautiful photographs.

    Sparky :-)


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