Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Colby, Jeffrey and Jalen

Colby has a real love of photography, though her husband, Jeffrey, syas it is much more of an obsession. She always has her camera ready to go so that she can capture every precious moment in baby Jalen's life. She refuses to miss a single moment or milestone as she knows it will only happen once. However, this means that she is always the one behind the camera and, like me, never in any of the photos. So she decided to book a family photo shoot to make sure Jalen has memories of her with him as well. 

You may recognise Jalen's mummy and daddy from when he was a newborn but it was definitely time for some updated photos.

Jalen has such an amazing smile but in order to capture it with a camera, Colby has learned that she has to run around and capture those candid moments when he is having fun and grinning from ear to ear, for as soon as she tries to get him to pose, that darling smile disappears. For this reason, Colby told me she decided to go with me to take the photos and I was flattered when she told me she believed I had the ability to capture those special candid moments she so loves.

Jalen was definitely a very busy boy who did not do sitting still so a traditional shoot was out of the question. But we did lots of fun things in the Botanical Gardens from looking for fish to g-forces to chasing bubbles. It was an afternoon of fun that Colby was able to enjoy with her beloved boys.

Thanks to the three of you for a fun shoot. I adore the Botanical Gardens and love that you brought along a few props that always bring a smile to Jalen's face. It was the perfect spot for him to run around freely and capture all of you having a wonderful time as a family. So wonderful to see the kids grow up so thank you for coming back to me! xxx

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