Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pony Love

Emma was given a rocking horse from her grand parents when she was only 18 months old. Since then, she has been horse mad. She started riding at age three and now, at eight years old, has blossomed into a competitive little rider on Bermuda's equestrian scene. She has grown very attached to Sparky (otherwise known as Happy Feet!), the pony she rides often at Hinson Hall. He is beautiful, with one blue eye, and one brown eye. When trying to decide what sort of shoot we were going to do, I was so thrilled when Emma's mummy, Nicola, chose to set a scene that was very personal to them. Of course Emma doesn't usually ride barefoot in a floor length dress on a bare backed pony, but for the photos, they agreed. I was so happy they trusted my vision for I am beyond smitten with the results. So much so, that I really couldn't narrow the images down to a manageable size so please forgive the massive post. And this is only part one - part two with the rest of the family will be on the blog tomorrow!

 I loved listening to how Nicola coached her daughter and how Emma listened so intently.

They chose to do the shoot at Penhurst Park, which is directly opposite Hinson Hall and I was thrilled by this gorgeous location that I had never even been to before. It was so lush and wildernessy!

Emma's six year old sister, Daniella, is also a rider. I loved the image of the two of them on the horse together - I found those dresses in my closet from years ago. I had bought the wrong size so had to get the smaller one and since they were on sale, it was not too painful an acquisition. But they just look darling on the girls - I had to pin and tie them in the back as they are actually knee length on me, but the shaed was perfect for the organic and natural feel of the shoot and Sparky's colouring.

I love being a photographer when I get to do these creative shoots. I am not just an artist with my camera, but it was so fun dressing the girls, styling them and doing their hair in twists to fit my vision of the dream. It all came together so beautifully and I couldn't be happier.

 It is funny, for even as I look at these photos, it looks like it was all so easy and natural. I feel exactly as my vision was but when I remember how intense it was during the shoot, I would never have imagined the results would feel so serene. But it is such a good example of the power of photography that with hard work, one can achieve a feeling. I hope I captured how Emma and indeed the whole family feel about horses. Even if these photos do not capture the every day, they capture the emotional experience of loving such gentle, agile and intelligent creatures and how one's life is better when shared with these beautiful animals. Thanks for such a wonderful shoot xxx

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  1. My 8 year old will be getting her new horse shipped to Bermuda soon and I would love to have you capture some moments on film. I'll be in touch.

    Karen and Eden


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