Friday, November 18, 2011

Nicola, Werner, Emma, Daniella & Andrew

You may have seen yesterday's post on Emma and Sparky but here are the images with the rest of the family. I went to school with Nicola so it was such a delight to meet her gorgeous girls and see her hubby again and in particular, be able to capture some special memories of all of them together. Since horses are such a big part of all of their lives, they wanted to have at least a few with Sparky as well, and then the rest, they loved just being outdoors for they have a passion for nature.

The children loved to give Sparky treats, and he was in Heaven with all the apples and carrots he was given that day. Even a nibble on little Andrew's toy truck was worth a try.

I love these fluffy things. No idea what the plant is called and most people I know have no idea either, though everyone seems to have a made up name they give them. It was like it was snowing when the children shook them which was such fun.

Emma is eight, Daniella six and Andrew two and a half. He is a little energy ball so a traditional portrait of the three of them was just not going to happen. But they had fun piling on top of each other and Andrew loved being the one on the top of the castle and tumbling down.

At one year old, Andrew took a distinct liking to raspberries. While on holiday in the UK, they went raspberry picking with Nicola's grandfather, whom the children call "Big Grandad". Andrew would eat an entire punnet and so these were the perfect treats to bring at the end of the shoot. How cute is that when they are all on his fingers and just so much more fun to eat that way - love love love.

Thank you all for such a cool shoot - I loved the location and all you brought to make it special for your family. Great to see you so happy and the next generation of love bugs. xxx

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  1. So pretty. Love the incorporation of the horse too. The plant is pampas I am pretty sure. Great to make angel wings out of. (Saw it on a wedding blog somewhere)


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