Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miranda, Johann and Ethan

The photo session was a gift at Miranda's baby shower from all her wonderful friends whom she has met since moving to Bermuda. She and Johann moved to the island five years ago and met only weeks after arriving. She is form Canada and he is from South Africa but they were married in South Africa. Sweet Baby Ethan came along the following summer but the new parents decided to wait until he was closer to his first birthday before they used their photo session gift certificate. Ethan is smitten with sand so the family wanted to find a location where they could do some grassy shots first before he was covered. We chose Warwick Playground and the beach below which was ideal.

After we were sure we had enough clean family shots, Ethan was allowed down onto the sand to play. They have had so many fun family days at the beach so they wanted to be sure the photo shoot captured all the elements of those memories, including the messy sandy ones.

Hello purposeful face plant!!

And sand munching!

And showers of sand...

I simply adore this series - sorry I couldn't narrow down which one to post - was just too much of a story in all of them together!

Daddy - what is that on your head??

Best way to find out is surely to eat it...

Thank you all for such a fun shoot - loved your family and the relaxed attitudes to whatever unfurled! Think as a result, the photos are magical and capture so much of the good times you have all shared together. xxxx

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