Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ian, Jeanine & Dylan

Ian, Jeannine and Dylan decided to go for the Sacha Surprise for their family photos as they were looking for an alternative to the typical beach shot. They wanted images that were artistic and editorial rather than a traditional family beach shot. Living in Bermuda, they are constantly taking photos at the beach so they longed for a completely different look. Since Ian works outdoors, he didn't relish the idea of taking photos in the hot sun. Jeannine had always loved the shot of me and my family with the pink sofa in the garden and our glam outfits so it made her question why people tend to throw on matching polo shirts and khakis for photo sessions. She tells me it is no more natural for a family to be wearing  matching casual outfits than formal ones so she wanted to have fun with the whole contrived scenario and dress up. Apparently Ian wasn't thrilled when Jeannine told he he was going to have to wear his tux in the heat but it looks so great on him, she insisted. And so glad she did - I adore this shoot and their look. So thank you all for glamming it up for the shoot and making it such a special event - I think it was well worth all the effort.

I set up the scene in my front garden and the light was so glowy that afternoon, it almost looked fake - I was of course in photo geek heaven!

We then moved to the back garden to have a swing on the hammock. The light was more subdued there but I actually like how it adds a little moodiness to the photos, especially since these were more the family having some cuddle time.

Jeannine borrowed my fabulous dress since she adored the fabric and detailing and was sure it would look as amazing in black and white, which it does!

How darling is Dylan's kilt? They bought it for him to wear to a wedding in Scotland last year so were thrilled he had another opportunity to wear it, and this way, it will always be remembered, even after he grows out of it.

When we came to the front garden again, the light was dreamy so we pulled out some of Dylan's fave toys like his adorable blue car and his favourite puppet, Horsey, plus a groovy blue truck from Jeannine's own childhood.

I also dug up some of the chandalier pieces which are always fun to play with and Dylan put on my waistcoat which I love for shoots.

One of my fave props to add to shoots is this antique camera I picked up in Nova Scotia last summer. The old fashioned workings naturally captured Dylan's curiosity.

This pic below may be one of my faves of the whole shoot - how darling with all those hands - just heaven.

And of course, like all boys who come to my house, the antique child sized car was a hit. He even tried to see if he could make it run before getting on board!

Thanks so much to the three of you for going for the Sacha Surprise. I love how much we can capture at my home setting and it all looked so unique - I love the way you dressed and how you collaborated so thank you thank you for helping make my job so creative and fun. xxxx

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