Friday, November 25, 2011

Twin Sisters - Emma & Victoria

How divine is it that there are two of this beloved little face - it is like double happiness all the time. I had never photographed twins before who were more than 2 weeks old! I just loved it and Emma and Victoria were absolute delights. Their grandmother, Liz is seriously devoted and wanted to capture them at two years old. We went to her home where the girls felt very at home, for they even have their own bedroom with two identical cribs!! We laid out a blanket in the garden and just had a fun afternoon. I brought parasols and tea cups plus necklaces and hats so there was much to play with.

It was actually usually quite easy to tell the two apart as Emma can't bear to wear anything in her hair whereas Victoria is happy with one in her hair most of the time. I brought these sweet little flower clips which didn't last long in Emma's hair but even Victoria was a little curious about what exactly it was in the beginning.

I am so in love with their little smiles and pudgy toddler hands clapping together - yum!

I wasn't kidding when I said two cribs! That is one devoted granny they have - lucky girls!

This amazing big bed is also in their bedroom. The girls are so sweet and were really ready for bed at the end of the shoot.

At least they seemed like they were ready for bed until they both wanted the same book - then they very much woke up!

Thank you Liz for asking me to capture your gorgeous granddaughters. It was such a fun shoot - I adored working with twins and really think their little personalities shone through. xxx

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