Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Jaylen

Darling little Jaylen was born 5 weeks premature, and had to stay in the hospital until after his due date. In fact was in with sweet Baby Keira at the same time so their mama's became friends. Colby and Jeffrey had planned on doing a maternity session and then a newborn shoot in his first 2 weeks to capture the beginning stages of his life to remind them always of this special time. We were scheduled to do the maternity shoot on 8th March but Colby rang to say she was heading into hospital. When I heard from her again, it was to hear her beautiful boy had been born a couple days later. So by the time they were out of hospital and settled enough to plan the newborn shoot, Jaylen was already 9 weeks old. I was actually quite reluctant to shoot a baby older than 2 weeks, even though officially, he was probably close to that age anyway if he had come on his due date. This is because after 2 weeks, babies tend to start to wake up more and so it makes for those mad sleeping poses much more tricky. Luckily, after a little persistence from Jaylen's mummy, I agreed to try the shoot anyway and I am so glad we did. Although Jaylen did indeed spend much of the session awake or in light sleep so we couldn't shoot some of the more typical images of the babe in a vessel of sorts, we were still able to capture some magic with the family all enjoying these first weeks together at home.

Jaylen's room was decorated around his adorable bedding set. The walls were painted by his daddy and grandpa to match the sheet set and his mummy cleverly designed the art on the walls by photographing details on the bedding set and having them mounted on canvas - so brilliant. And the final touch was Jaylen's name above his crib in the elegant band of rich brown - just beautiful.

Due to Jaylen having to be in the hospital for so long and Colby having to part with him at night time, they grew accustomed to snuggling together while walking up and down or rocking him to sleep before they would have to leave and this has carried on since they are all  home.

I adore adore this image below of Jaylen clasping the cross that his daddy wears every day.

And I think this could be my fave ever series of newborn baby sweetness - that rosette of hair on the top of his head, those dimpled knuckles and tiny hand compared to his Daddy's, his tiny toes wearing his parents' rings, and that sweet little ear with the hint of wolverine fuzz on the tips of the ear and shoulder - just could eat him up!

Congratulations Jeffrey and Colby on beautiful Jaylen - he is such a sweet thing and so happy you are all home and happy and healthy. Thank you for inviting me into your home to capture your love. xx

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