Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ryall & Nilesh - Collection

Ryall and Nilesh were married ages ago, but took a while to get me which images they wanted me to work on, and then I took even longer to actually work on them So this is a much overdue Collection, and I did a few variations, but these were my faves. Part of me wants to include the originals so you can see the difference, but if you look at their wedding post, then you can see most of the originals there. I now select the images for the Collection and do them at the time of processing the rest of the blog images so don't have to fall so horridly behind the way I have for a few weddings.

These two were such a fun couple - I just loved them and have since become friends with them - love it when clients become friends. Sadly they no longer live in Bermuda but Facebook works a charm for keeping distances small and people in touch with what is going on in each others' lives.

Ryall & Nilesh - the rest of the images are on their way to you - hopefully they were worth the wait! Thank you for your never ending patience and support - you are the best! xxx

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