Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One 2 One Workshop - Indoor session with Megan

Megan was the perfect little model for the indoor practical part of Ryan's One 2 One full day workshop.  She is so photogenic, animated and just plain adorable. I love to shoot her and she was up for all the different outfits, including wearing my wedding dress and veil. Just love the look of a little girl playing grown up - brings back such fond memories of my own childhood and I love to think that those sorts of memories are being created right before me.

Next we dressed Megan in Indigo's pwincess faiwee dwess and sh eplayed with some glam gloves that belonged to my grand mother.

Here is Ryan playing with his manual settings and composition.

Lastly, we went into Oslo and Indigo's room to shoot, testing all Ryan had learned earlier that morning.

Dear Megan - thank you so much for being such an amazing model for Ryan, and hope you like some of the results! xxx

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