Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chandler Family

Meet the Chandlers - not only are they a beautiful family to look at, but the bits you can't see in these photos are even more beautiful. I love this family. Nell and Christophe are dear dear friends but sadly, have left Bermuda now and left a big hole in our hearts. But at least we have these photos to remember what a fun family they are and of course, skype and emails work a charm too for bridging the gap!

This is Felicity, but her nickname is Tussy - not actually sure how to spell it - it is the same sound as the "oo" in foot! Like Toossy - kind of French sounding like the "eu" les Francais use when they can't think of a word and start to fill space with that sound! Are you now saying it in your head now to try get the right pronunciation? Or are you thinking what am I on about? That is what her mama and I did when she first tried to write it - we stood there and kept saying different spellings but none of them loked like how it sounded! Need a little recording add on so I can show you what it sounds like. Anyway - you get the idea - this is Tussy! She is a good friend of Indigo's and is so sweet, thoughtful and gentle.

And this is Rex. Much easier to spell, and only one way anyone would ever think it is pronounced. He is such a little love bug - cuddle and manly all wrapped up in one bundle of red headed gorgeousness!

They are the kids of siblings that I sometimes see in photos and wonder why my kids aren't like that together. Although, my kids look like those kinds of kids in the photos i take too. But these two are really like that. I wonder if it is because the eldest is the girl and so more nurturing, or is they just scored and are just love bug sibs, but they are just too cute together. Nell brought this fabulous chair to the beach - it has a pineapple on the back and is just gorgeous. I tried to steal it when they were leaving the island but they took it with them.

I love shooting at Warwick Long Bay and Jobson's Cove - there are so many nooks and crannies and different dramatic back drops - and such a beautiful reminder of Bermuda now that they have left.

Nell plans on passing this ring down to Tussy when she is older so wanted a special reminder of it on her own finger with Tussy now.

I love this next series of moments...

These are pretty hilarious too - there were some where you couldn't see Tussy at all - just feet and skirt poof!

I adore this image of Tussy - she looks like a Hollywood star in some fabulous dress created especially for her by one the the great designers - red carpet here she comes.

I'd like to claim it was me who was so hilariously funny, but they are not looking into the camera so I am guessing it was either Nell or Christophe doing all the work.

How delicious are these with Nell and Christophe in the background - love these sorts of family portraits.

Oh how we miss you all Nell, Christophe, Tussy and Rex - please come visit us again soon - look at that sea and sky - how can you stay away??? Thanks so much for a great shoot - you were such fun and of course so beautiful. Thank thank you and miss you miss you xxx

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  1. Great photos Sacha.

    In spite of your coaching I am not sure Nell will ever take such good photos!

    Best wishes from
    Christope's Dad


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