Friday, March 25, 2011

My Day

Today is my 40th birthday. I remember as a teen (for my parents had teens when they were this age!), people getting these decorative pillows saying "It's sporty to be forty". At the time, I thought they were so fun as I saw family friends with an elegant chaise with a worded cushion. If anyone one had given me one today, I would have cringed. But what I have not cringed at today is actually turning 40. Of course, the fact that I have spent the last five years already saying I was 40 has eased the blow, but to be truthful, I do not feel like it is a blow. Of course it is weird to think of those ancient people I remember from so many years ago, and now I am one of those ancients. And of course growing up in Bermuda and being a sun worshipper and always remaining very scantily clad, the sun has done my skin no favours. Nor frankly has my injured back and feet which have prevented me from exercising properly since Indigo was born done the rest of my body any favours either. But the wrinkled skin and extra bits of flesh is a small price to pay for all I have in return. I have lived 40 amazing years - sure a few heart breaks were thrown in there to make certain I appreciated it when I had it good, but at this stage in my life, I have absolutely everything I could ever want - indeed more than I ever wanted. I have the greatest job that is not only fun and creative but also flexible. I know I don't have the work life balance down - in fact, half the time I am disappointing clients and my family at the same time, but the other half of the time, I am making all of those people really happy, which in turn makes me really happy. And I love love love where we live - love the garden, the architecture, the furniture - just adore this house which has become a real home. And then I have these two amazing children. I mean really amazing. And all parents say that, but we have had some bumps along the way, which has made us ever the more thankful for how good it is now. Oslo and Indigo make everything make sense. They say things, do things, are things that make me all gooey inside - even gooier than I am on the outside and that is a lot!

And then there is Ben (sorry - no pics of him for some reason - whoops - need to get right on that!). Ben whom I cannot say enough love bug things about - who is just everything to me. Ben and the kids really are the best birthday present a woman could ask for. And I didn't ask for them, yet here they are. Just loving me up until there is not room left, except for those few wrinkles and some squidgy bits on the edges.

In celebration, the kids said they wanted to have a tea party for me. Which of course meant I had a tea party for them with a few of their friends with loads of treats and lots of pretties too.

Quite smitten with this old fashioned lemonade jar, and my teapot from the auction last weekend! And the chocolate orbs are to die for - will do an entire post on them one of these days - gluten free and full of healthy things but still taste yum - even managed to slip a load of Spirulina in them undetected!

Ben also brought me flowers - can't wait for our hot date tonight! Love me some candle lit romance with cute cute Ben! Add good food into the mix and I am swooning...

My sister and another friend brought me some gorgeous plants - oh how I love greenery!

 My dear friend Susannah gave me the most gorgeous necklace from Atelerie which, although I have never even been there (I really don't like shopping... ever), if I did shop it would be the only place I would ever go. She has a very similar necklace which I always said how much I loved, and here I am now wearing its sister - just gorgeous - thank you Susannah!

So today I am thankful for every single one of my sporty-to-be-forty years. I am so appreciative of all I have been blessed with in this life - my beloved family, my dear sweet friends, my fulfilling work and my lovely home, and even for my very own wrinkles and lumpy bits. Thank you for yet another glorious birthday. xxx


  1. love you and your spirit. you make me smile in this crazy, crazy world. happy birthday.

  2. Forty is the NEW TWENTY! You look Fantastic at Forty.

  3. Happy Birthday! Its my turn in November.
    P.S. You do make people happy indeed. I still cherish my maternity pictures you took in 2005.

  4. Hi Sacha, I just saw this, Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Wishing you many more wonderful years full of love and laughter!




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