Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anne & Chris - Bermuda Wedding

Anne and Chris truly proved that long distance relationships can work out. They met at university seven years ago and never spent more than one year in the same city before their wedding. As a golf professional, Chris was splitting his time between Vancouver and Toronto, depending on the weather, which Anne worked as a financial consultant, travelling between Toronto, Ottawa, Chicago, Boston and Bermuda. Eventually, the sweet hearts decided that they could not longer stand to be apart, and decided to move to Bermuda to settle down together. They were so luck y to spend the wedding with family and friends from their many homes across North America, and now that they have put down roots in a holiday destination like Bermuda, they can't wait for all those loved ones to visit them frequently.

Anne's classic wedding gown was designed by Carolina Herrera. The bride, her family and attendants prepared at the Fairmont Southampton.

Originally, the couple had opted to do photographs after the church service, but the weather was rather wet and dark so there would not have been enough natural light later so we decided to do all the group and couple shots before the ceremony. It ended up being a great choice as the couple had some intimate moments on their own when they first saw each other, and then they were able to enjoy the entire cocktail party rather than miss most of it doing photographs.

The bouquets and boutonnieres were by designed by Gimi. Those gardenias are extraordinary - they look like they are almost hand sculpted - just gorgeous!

The rain stopped long enough for us to do all the formal family photos outside and then we went across to do some fun shots of the wedding party.

We had time for one shot and the heavens opened again and we had to all run inside to get out of the downpour.

When it rains on a wedding day, I sometimes get a little nervous that I cannot shoot outdoors, but I am always later grateful that it forced me to do things I would otherwise not have done. I twas so excited by this piano to use as a prop for the photos and was smitten with its reflectiveness.

Just as we were heading out to leave for the church, it stopped raining and we had a little more fun outside.

The fun ties for Chris and his groomsmen were found at The Island Shop.

Anne's hair and make up was done by Bobbi at the Willow Stream Spa at the hotel.

The wedding bands were specially made in yellow gold by a small Toronto jeweler. He also created Anne's gorgeous engagement ring.

The wedding ceremony was held at Anne's family church, Christ Church in Warwick.

The fun flower arrangements inside the church were all created by Suzan Sickling.

Immediately after the service, the couple went straight to join their guests at the Harbourfront restaurant which is beautifully situated and has impeccable service.

Anne and Chris slipped inside to share a quiet glass of champagne together as husband and wife.

The flowers at the reception site were all created by Noella Raynor.

The tables were all named after Bermuda flowers.

There were darling little wedding favours for each guest at their place setting. They were homemade walnut cookies - the ones Anne's mum has been making for her children since they were tiny. Anne's mother and her friends from overseas made all of them and placed them in the beautiful boxes and wrapped and them and hand wrote the labels.

The wedding cake was from Fourways. Anne and Chris were looking for something simple and classic with big flavour so they had lemon and red velvet layers. Fresh gardenias were added on top.

Anne and Chris - thank you so much for sharing your wedding with me. You were so lovely to work with and wonderful when I asked to move up the photos to before the ceremony. All the details were gorgeous and you had the perfect day - congratulations to you both and see you at the next family wedding!! xxx

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